Up All Night in Bliss, Nights in Bliss, Colorado 6.5, Out now

Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA

Having twin newborns is a dream come true for Nate Wright, Callie Sheppard, and Zane Hollister. Having two babies who don’t sleep at night is a nightmare for their love life. They all love Charlie and Zander, but they’re missing something. Callie feels unsexy and more like a mom than a wife. Nate and Zane love their wife, but they’re not sure how to reach her.

Her marriage out of control, Callie worries she might lose them. But her husbands have a plan to change all of that. It involves spending some time in the Talbot guesthouse.

Deep in the night in Bliss, this threesome will get their groove back.

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(The following excerpt is for adults only!)

Zane’s voice was insistent. “Baby? Charlie’s hungry. I’m so sorry, babe. We’re out of milk. You haven’t pumped in a while. I know we have an emergency supply, but I didn’t know if this was an emergency or not.”

Callie stirred on the bed, her eyes opening. She was in the bed, all right, but she wasn’t surrounded by her men. She was just Callie with her heavy breasts and her too-big belly. Someone was reaching for her, but he didn’t want her hot body. He wanted lunch.

Zane stared down at her, a baby in his arms. Charlie wriggled and pulled at his father’s shirt, trying desperately to tug something into his mouth. When he was hungry, he would try to nurse anything. Once when they were at Max and Rye’s house, Callie caught him sucking their dog Quigley’s tail in an attempt to gain sustenance.

“Are you okay, babe?” Zane asked, concern in his green eyes. “I could unfreeze the milk.”

The midday light struck her eyes, and she wiped a hand across them, weariness invading her veins. It had only been a dream. She should have known. It was definitely time to wake up. “I’m fine.”

She wasn’t. She was way too fat, and she didn’t sleep anymore. She fed her babies and rocked them and held them and loved them. She adored her babies, but she hadn’t felt like a woman in months. She still didn’t feel like it. She sat up in bed. The big bed where they used to make love to her seemed now like just a way station between picking up the babies.

She looked down at her T-shirt. It had two beer steins facing a sweetly curved glass of red wine with the Trio logo above it. She’d loved that logo because it seemed to stand for her and Nate and Zane. Trio was their business. Zane’s bar was where all the women in Bliss went for a drink and to pick up a hottie—or two. It used to cling to her every curve, but now it emphasized the rolls pregnancy had left behind. And it had a couple of stains on it she didn’t like to think about how she’d gotten. Her babies liked to spit up.

Zane had hired a new waitress. Lucy. Lucy was younger. Who was she kidding? Lucy was all of twenty-three. She had a nicely curved body. She fit into the T-shirts like they’d been made for her. Did Zane ever look at Lucy and wonder why he’d settled for Callie?

Those questions wouldn’t feed her baby. She sighed and pulled her shirt up, letting down the cup of her nursing bra. They weren’t sexy anymore. She was just a mom, and her husbands didn’t seem to look at her as anything else now. Over the last few months, they had settled into a polite partnership as they got used to being parents. “All right. Pass me the pillow, please.”

She took Charlie in her arms. He was such a sweet little boy. She loved him and his brother so much. She couldn’t look at them and not feel a surge of emotion. His fat little legs kicked out and his fists pumped, and he started to nuzzle her. He knew just what he wanted. He latched on before Zane had placed the circular half pillow under her arms.

Zane gave her a little smile, his eyes on the place where she fed their baby. “I’m always in awe that you can do that.”

Yes, her breasts performed their intended function. They produced lots of milk, and they hadn’t had a non-baby hand on them since before the twins had been born. She watched her son nurse and wondered just how long she could hold on to his dads. She’d never been a thin thing, but childbirth had played a number on her body. Nate and Zane were gorgeous. She wasn’t. How long would they stay with her out of loyalty?

“Yep, I’m a great milk producer. Why don’t you go and check on Zander?” She hated that he watched her nurse. It just reinforced the idea that she was just a mom.

He stared at her for a second, his gorgeous face frowning down. She thought for a moment that he was going to protest, but he simply took a step back. “All right.”

He walked out of the room, and she breathed a sad sigh of relief. She ran a gentle hand across Charlie’s head, soothing him.

It had been eight weeks since the twins had been born. It had been twelve since they had touched her in a sexual way.

Would they ever touch her again? Probably, but would it only be out of obligation? She cupped her baby’s soft head. Charlie was a sweetie. Those blue eyes kicked her in the gut every time he opened them and looked up at her. This was her baby. Hers and Nate’s and Zane’s. He and his brother were the outer expression of their inner love, but she was worried that they had changed her so damn much that she wasn’t the same woman Nate and Zane had married.

She was different. She felt it deep in her soul, and she definitely saw it in the mirror.

She just had to figure out how to keep her husbands because she couldn’t imagine living without them.

Copyright 2013 Sophie Oak